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Consistent Quality, Predictable Results

Legendary Group's Building System is a simplified, dependable, and predictable way to construct
your new home. Not only do our packages include fully completed exterior wall panels, exposed
structural timbers, and insulated roof panels; your home will be prefabricated at our indoor facility to
insure a faster and superior build compared to traditional site construction.

Furthermore, our team will deliver and assemble the components in just a few days, ensuring your
new home is under lock and key, and closed to weather as quickly as possible. On top of that, we guarantee precise delivery dates so you will not have to worry about delays.

Our selection of designs offer a range of attractive, efficient, and functional layouts to suit your
unique style and preferences, including open concept spaces and cathedral ceilings.

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Custom Prefab Timber frame homes
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Benefits of Building With Legendary Group

Average project timeline Legendary

2500 ft Custom Home
Legendary - 8 Months +/-
Competitor - 12 Months +-

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Quality Control

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Construction Delays

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Average Wood waste Legendary

2500 ft Custom Home
Legendary - 1750 lbs
Competitor - 6250 lbs

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Building with Legendary Groups Prefab System is a seamless, expedited construction
process that ensures your home comes to life with less delays.

While Legendary Group prefabricates and installs a considerable portion of your home, partnering with a Project Manager (PM) or General Contractor (GC) is an important part of building with us.

Legendary Group works in conjunction with your PM/GC. While the fabrication of your home is underway at our facility, your PM/GC will need to prepare the build site and have your foundation and subfloor installed prior to our installation. Once ready, Legendary Group will deliver and install your home in a few days and your PM/GC can have their sub-trades start on roofing, interior framing, and mechanicals immediately after.

The interior finishing is where you can really personalize your home. Working with your PM/CG,
you can choose the look, style, and feel of your new home. For your convenience Legendary Group has developed a list of Trusted PM/GC's who we have worked with in the past.

See our list of Trusted Builders under “Turnkey”!

For more detailed information about the process, or to find out which Trusted Builder covers your area,
please fill out the Contact Form at the bottom of the page or email


What Our Customers Says?

Turn Key Options

Trusted Builders

Talo Green Build

Talo Green Build Project Management is an award-winning sustainable construction project management firm with LEED Green Associate designation, and membership in the Canada Green Building Council (CaGBC). Talo has extensive experience working with the Niagara Escarpment Commission (NEC), and local conservation authorities, to efficiently facilitate the complex development permit process in the Southern Georgian Bay region. Talo incorporates sustainable practices and prefabrication into projects whenever feasible and has managed multiple Legendary Group projects across Ontario since 2013.

Lant Construction Ltd

Lant Construction is known for its expertise in custom carpentry and consistently exceeding industry standards with exceptional craftsmanship since 2005. With a dedicated team Lead by Owner and Operator Jeff Lant, they are committed to helping customers bring their vision to life. Lant Constructions impressive portfolio displays breathtaking renovations as well as exquisite timber frame and log custom builds. Whether it’s crafting a simple cabin or constructing a custom home, Lants unwavering commitment to excellence guarantees the highest quality workmanship in every project they undertake.

RBA Projects Inc

At RBA, our mission is simple: to provide high-quality services for our valued clients. Our team goes above and beyond to cater to each project’s specific needs. Partnering with Legendary Group and having a completed Prefab Home Structure with high-level craftsmanship installed in a matter of days is extremely appealing for RBA. We can then focus on all the other areas of the build that complement the desires of our client, knowing that Legendry’s Prefab Structure is very well made. Through open communication and exceptional service, we hope you will find what you are looking for with us.


Our partnership with Legendary Group has allowed us to expand and deliver a niche building product. Specializing in project management, interior design, ICF foundations, and rock drilled screw piers, our extensive construction knowledge allows us to oversee your project from the ground up while providing value added services to ensure your largest investment is built on a solid foundation. We think outside of the box when it comes to customizing each home, incorporating modern technologies whilst featuring custom pieces of architectural salvage and natural elements ensures we create a space unique to you.

Charper image

Charper Image was founded in 2004 and prides itself on providing full project management services for new builds and renovations. Derrick Charpontier, owner of Charper Image built a quality reputation on his own before establishing the company as it is today. Working with Legendary Group for 4 years now, and installing multiple Prefab Homes alongside them, we stand by their product 100% knowing our clients will get a custom home they will love. Providing consulting, budgeting, site supervision, and trade management allows us to ensure each project is completed successfully to the highest standards.



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Browse photos of production, delivery, installation, and homes after installation is completed by Legendary Group


Watch our time lapse construction videos to see how it's done the Legendary way!

Our Pricing

What is the Cost of a Legendary Prefab Custom Home?

Prefab Home Structure

Cost between $109 - $160+ / ft²

Escape Series - From $109+/ft²

Gneiss Vista Series – From $112/ft²

Longhouse Series – From $128/ft²

Countryview Series - From $130/ft²

Strata Series - From $138/ft²

Classic Models, call for pricing.

* Prefab Home Structure pricing is subject to the model & choices made. *

Homeowner Managed/DIY capabilities

Cost between $275 - $400+ / ft²

Available to manage the full build.

Accountable to Hire and pay all trades.

Must coordinate all work, on and off site.

DIY capable or friends and family discounts.

Able to complete a substantial amount of the work.

Available to allocate significant personal time to the project.

* The Prefab Structure Price is included in the above, your final price depends on the location of the build site, style of home, finish choices, and how much work you can complete. *

Turnkey Build with Trusted Builder

cost between $425 -550+/ft²

Project managed by professional team.

Trusted trades will be hired to do all work.

Greater Accountability with trades that are hired.

Ensures project timeline and budget stays on track.

Work will be completed efficiently in a timely manner.

Maintains quality of work, reducing future warranty issues.

* The Prefab Home Structure Price is included in the above, your final price depends on the location of the build site, style of home, finish choices, and contractor you choose. *

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