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About Legendary Group

Modern Cottage Builders
Legendary Groups beginning started in 1993 as Legendary Logcrafters, a company that initially manufactured high end handcrafted log homes which were sold and delivered throughout Canada and the United States.
The founder of Legendary Group, Milan Smeh, graduated from the civil engineering program at the university of Western, Ontario, Canada. He had always been interested in all forms of construction but was particularly interested in prefabrication. In the late 90’s he designed a unique prefabricated structural roof panel system that parried well with the log homes. This combination became an enormous success and made their product stand out from the competition. This created a large demand for the product that stretched from Florida to California.

At the end of 2008 North America was hit by the housing crisis and the high-end residential market was the first to be affected. When log home sales plummeted throughout the continent, Milan realized he needed to create a product that would be desired by a larger pool of home buyers. In 2009, the current Prefab Building System was developed. Consisting of conventional 2×6 wall panels clad in the owner’s choice of finish and colour, structural timber components for the second floor and roof structure, and enclosed with the previously designed roof panels, the new prefabricated system could be installed in just a couple of days.

Each of the new homes were well designed, well priced, and appealed to a brooder market. They were an instant success and over the years new plans have been added to keep up with current market trends. Over a decade later Legendary Group is still the only custom home company that installs windows and siding at the factory level and provides a finished, insulated, and vented roof panel. Today there are many more prefabricated home options however Legendary Group remains to be one of the most premiere options for those customers who are looking for a high-quality custom home, that just happens to be prefabricated.
Legendary Group is a dynamic company that is always striving to stay ahead of the curve and operates its business in a centrally located and fully equipped industrial facility, located in Collingwood Ontario, on the beautiful south shore of Georgian Bay or (Ontario’s premier four-season Resort).


Establish the benchmark for well-designed and innovative custom prefabricated homes.


Strive to design, engineer, and manufacture prefabricated custom home packages that maximize the use of all resources to the highest possible yield and efficiency. Resulting in providing our customers with most predictable and efficient building solution available.


Legendary Group has had its “Values” at the core of the company since its inception. Customers are seen as long-term clients and treated on a personal basis from the initial meeting to the final installation of the home. Referrals have been one of our greatest marketing tools. Each home constructed is guided by the principles of fair value and long-term satisfaction.

UNDERSTANDING To the needs of each client.
CONSISTENCY To always predict the outcome.
EFFICIENCY To maximize the use of every resource.
INTEGRITY To always be accountable.

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