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10 Steps to Building with Legendary Group

Legendary Groups Prefab Building System involves constructing your homes structural components in a controlled factory environment before assembling them on  site in just 2 days. Here’s an overview of the typical steps taken to ensure we design and construct the perfect prefab home for you. 1. Initial consultation: The process begins with a discussion between […]

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Inside View of Custom House Design

3 Ways Prefab can save you Money

1. Faster Construction Time: Prefab homes are built in a factory-controlled environment, which means that construction is not delayed by weather conditions or other external factors. This leads to shorter construction times, reducing labor costs and related expenses. 2. Reduced Material Waste: The controlled manufacturing process of prefab homes minimizes material waste. Materials are often measured

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Pre Construction Homes

The Rise of Compact Prefab Homes

1. Understanding the demand for compact prefab homes In recent years, there has been a growing trend towards compact prefab homes. These smaller, ready-to-assemble dwellings offer a range of benefits for homeowners, such as affordability, sustainability, and flexibility. With the need for more efficient living spaces, compact prefab homes have become a popular choice for

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